One on One Sessions

Our One on One sessions are tailor made to suit you.


In this category you will find a list of modalities we use to help people gain a better life.


In this category you will find a list of common issues we help people with.

Group Sessions

Now at Ultralife we are offering Group Sessions for the budget conscious.

We feel good about being about to deliver these amazing personal change sessions at a reduced rate so that everyone can benefit from this kind of rapid change therapy.  Groups are limited to 20 so you can rest assured of an intimate and personal experience in a caring group of likeminded individuals.

Meet new friends, make a positive change in your life, and pocket the savings!

Skype Sessions

If you are unable to visit us at our Gold Coast clinic then you can still benefit from our powerful healing and coaching sessions via Skype (or hands-free phone).


These sessions can be just as powerful as face to face to sessions yet are slightly cheaper due to the fact that the cost of delivery is lower.

Contact us today to book a Skype session and live the life you deserve.